Why Are Built-In Grills So Expensive?

A built-in barbecue has probably attracted your attention if you’re thinking of remolding your outdoor living area or are simply eyeing some future backyard renovations. In the summer, who doesn’t enjoy grilling?

The best form of relaxation treatment is this. It might be confusing to understand the pricing tags on certain grills. Don’t be concerned; there’s a good reason why built-in grill prices are excellent. Let me do this and make things simpler for you.

A built-in grill is a terrific addition to any outdoor living area. They give you the ideal means of taking advantage of your garden and bringing the excitement of cooking outside without lugging around a cumbersome portable barbecue. However, compared to portable grills, built-in barbecues are substantially more expensive. What makes built-in grills so remarkable that such a hefty expenditure is necessary could be challenging to understand.

What benefits do built-in grills offer?

Built-in grills are most valuable for their convenience. They are significantly simpler to operate than conventional portable barbecues and are made to readily fit into the outdoor area you already have. Since they are built into the ground or a wall, you won’t need to buy a stand or cart to support the grill. They outperform portable BBQs in terms of durability and use. You’ll also  get a lot of usage out of your investment with regular upkeep and care. A durable outdoor cooking solution is here to replace the flimsy grills you’ve always been upgrading.

You won’t have to worry about hauling a heavy portable barbecue all the time as they are fixed items in your outside area. Finally, built-in grills provide a variety of capabilities that aren’t often seen in transportable units. These include additional shelves or tool and accessory storage areas, side burners, rotisseries, and other helpful additions. Due to these capabilities, you have more creative flexibility, which also simplifies grilling.

Factors that Contribute to High Cost

Here is a list of all the factors that contribute to built-in grills’ high cost:

●      Durability and Lifespan

Durability is the first and most vital consideration. Since built-in grills are intended to be put outdoors, they must survive significantly more extreme weather conditions than a conventional portable barbecue. They must be impervious to the elements and strong enough to withstand snow, strong winds, and rain. You don’t want to regularly have to repair built-in grills. Therefore they need to be weather resistant and have a long lifespan.

●      High-Quality Materials

Compared to portable barbecues, built-in grills employ significantly higher quality materials. They are made of durable metals, including highly durable stainless steel, that are built to last for many years. Built-in grills are far better equipped to withstand repeated outside use over several seasons than a traditional portable barbecue because of the heavier-duty materials utilized in their construction.

●      Specialized Design

Built-in grills have a considerably more specialized design than portable models. Built-in grills are significantly more equipped to handle larger dinners or courses simultaneously since they accommodate larger cooking areas and numerous burners and features. It costs more overall since this needs specialized engineering.

●      Performance at a Professional Level

Built-in grills also perform far better than portable versions do. Compared to others, they can achieve greater temperatures and are made to deliver a far more equal dispersion of heat. It means you won’t need to buy an expensive smoker to have your backyard BBQ produce results of restaurant caliber.

●      Improved Convenience and Safety

Built-in grills rather than portable ones offer far greater comfort and safety. Don’t worry about your yard’s bothersome gas tanks or power cables. They’re securely buried under the earth. Additionally, regarding weatherproof design and sturdy construction, built-in grills are the undisputed champions. Through snow, sleet, or rain, you can rely on them to grill up a storm.

●      Advanced Technology

Did you know that contemporary built-in barbecues are used for more than just preparing mouthwatering BBQs?

They include fantastic features like electronic ignitions, remote control functionality, and even Wi-Fi connectivity. The barbecue may cost a bit more because of these features, but cooking outside provides unrivaled ease and peace of mind. Upgrade right away to experience an entirely new level of outdoor cooking.

●      Manufacturing Cost

The price of producing built-in grills should be considered as a last aspect. A more expensive price tag than portable variants is a result of the materials utilized and the specialized design and engineering. In addition to covering the cost of manufacturing, businesses also need to account for shipping and handling expenses. The fact that built-in grills are more expensive is due to the fast accumulation of these expenses.

●      Installation

Finally, built-in grills require professional installation for them to work correctly. Companies must make sure that the device is placed correctly, securely, and in accordance with all applicable safety laws. You will need to engage a professional installation, which raises the price of a built-in grill.

The solution is to use a portable barbecue. It’s a long-lasting alternative with excellent performance, a stylish design, and high-quality parts. Even upkeep won’t be a concern for you. A built-in grill is ideal for improving your outdoor cooking abilities. You won’t regret buying a grill; we guarantee it.

●    Porcelain Grates

The high caliber of the cooking grates in many high-end built-in grills contributes to their outstanding performance. These grates are covered in porcelain enamel, which helps guard them against rust, wear, and other effects of being exposed to high heat. They also help to retain and distribute heat evenly across the grill surface.

Anyone with grilling experience will be able to attest to how important that is. It entails no cold spots and no flare-ups. You need only consistent, even heat applied evenly across the cooking surface to get thoroughly grilled, healthy, and mouthwatering meat. Although they are increasingly common on standard propane grills, porcelain enameled grates are not always included as standard equipment.

●    Insulated Jackets & Liners

Built-in grills are grills that are precisely constructed and integrated into a countertop. The surface or parts of the cabinet that a built-in grill is located in frequently have flammable materials. In such cases, the grill needs to be covered with a liner, also known in the industry as an insulated jacket.

Extra Features

Many built-in grills come with “extra” features that are not included with a typical grill as standard equipment. The market that most of these manufacturers are targeting does not necessarily mind spending a few hundred dollars more for features like built-in infrared burners, rotisserie kits, griddle cooking surfaces, and the like because a well-designed, high-quality built grill is already going to be fairly expensive.

Is a Built-in Grill Worth the Money?

A built-in grill is a wise investment if you want to design a distinctive outdoor kitchen with exceptional cooking performance, dependability, and durability.

Lastly, built-in grills are more expensive than other grills for two main reasons: the quality of the materials, fit, and finish used in their construction. Such type of grill will provide you with a more enjoyable cooking experience and something that will stand the test of time.


What to Do If the Grill Starts to Burn?

It is a crucial safety consideration that should not be disregarded. The majority of manufacturers of built-in grills also offer an insulated jacket that is unquestionably made of comparable high-quality materials, as you might have guessed.  As a result, an integrated setup costs more.

Built-in grills are they better?

Due to the construction of built-in grills, they last longer.  The purpose of a stand-alone grill is convenience, whereas the purpose of a built-in grill is strength, efficiency, and durability. Stand-alone grills are also built with high-grade materials.

Why is an integrated grill so costly?

The price of the materials is an important factor in everything, as with anything. The steel used in many drop-in grills is of a much higher quality than that used in typical $100–200 propane grills.


Here is a brief summary of the reasons why built-in grills are so expensive.

It comes down to the fact that these grills are permanently installed into an outdoor kitchen or BBQ island, and you simply do not want to end up with a product whose quality will deteriorate after a year or two of use. There are a few specific reasons for this, but ultimately it comes down to the fact that these grills are used on a regular basis.

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