How to Keep Mice out of the Grill

Grilling season is a lot of fun as it comes with family gatherings, delicious food, and fun hangouts. Particularly during long summer evenings, BBQ is the best way to kill unnecessary heat and boredom. However, this joy quickly turns into a nightmare if species like rats get attracted to your space. 

Are you a seasoned griller tired of rats in your smokers? Do you want to keep mice out of the grills for peaceful cooking? Don’t look any further. Here are some useful methods to keep mice out of your grills. Let’s get straight into it: 

Why Mice Live in Grills?

Mice like to live in quiet and covered places. Moreover, food resources and a cozy environment attract them the most. They live in garages, stores, and even smokers.  Our BBQ grill has all these features and they remain untouched for a long time. 

Particularly during winters, as the temperature drops it becomes difficult to survive in open areas. So rats and other creatures look for close and warm spaces for shelter and living. And our grills are the perfect suit offering rich food residue and escape from cold. Additionally, grills provide safety from predators and guard their nests and babies.

However, the real struggle starts after winter. As the temperature rises and we start using smokers, these residents continue to return during the night. That is because of the smell of leftover meat.

They cause severe disease and cause dirt and smell. They left their feces and urine at places elevating health concerns. Also, they chew wiring and plastic hos damaging the smokers. So it is crucial to keep mice out of grills whether we use them or not. 

Signs of Mice in Your Grill

Now the question arises how do you know that mice are living in your grill? It’s easy to find as they are very filthy creatures that leave their dirt and droppings in grills. Sometimes small cuts and marks on wires prove the presence of such beings. 

Following are signs of their presence:

  • Smell of urine or particular false odor 
  • Nests and feces all over the surface 
  • Newly born mice hiding in drawers or under clothes or cardboard
  • Damaged plastic area
  • Continuous scratching noises

6 ways to Keep Mice out of the Grill

Preventing rats from entering the cooking space is important to maintain hygiene. Here is how to keep mice out of the grill:

●     Thorough Cleaning

Mice are attracted to food smells and grease. And grills are rich sources of meat residue and oils. Thorough cleaning of the smokers helps to reduce the possibility of their presence. Pay attention to clean drips, pans, and grease traps. 

Additionally, burners are the favorite place of mice as it’s easy to get in and out. Make sure to clean it thoroughly using brushes and soap. Specially, at the beginning of summer, ensure to clean your grills thoroughly before placement.

●     Remove Food Residue 

Removing food residue will reduce the 50% chance of rats in the grills. Start by removing the grill gates. Then take a scraper or brush to remove the meat leftovers, particularly fats and sticky parts. Wipe off the food stains from the surroundings using cloth. 

Dispose of the extra food in sealed containers and never throw them openly in the dustbin. Eliminating odors will surely reduce the likelihood of rats nesting inside your smoker. Use natural detergents to eradicate meat smell and grease. Also, try to empty the grease trap regularly when in use. 

Lastly, run the stove at full flame for some time. Ensure that the fats are melted. Now leave it until becomes cool and remove the dirt using a grill scraper. Rinse it thoroughly or clean using a cloth. 

●     Secure Storage

Are you planning to keep your grill in the garden or garage during winter? Well, there is no issue in doing that but it can attract more rodents and similar creatures. So it’s crucial to store the equipment safely when not in use.

Try to store it inside. Otherwise, select a dry place under the shed to prevent it from harsh weather and corrosion. Moreover, try to store the burners and smokers away from dust bins and trash cans. Periodically clean the surroundings of your storage space to evacuate from their presence. 

●     Use Grill Cover

Investing in a sturdy grill is the best option to save your grill from rats. It also reduces the effect of harsh weather. It’s better to use a polyester or canvas lid or a waterproof grill cover. 

While buying a cover make sure it fits snugly and provides the protection to whole area. Choose the right size so there are no entering points for rodents. If the cover is too loose, tie the extra part using strings and remove extra space

Secondly, select those made of durable material to ensure longevity and whim of weather. Also, clean the cover occasionally, so it would not attract rats. It also helps to find out if anything is already living inside. 

●     Repair the Entry points

Mice can pass through surprisingly small openings. So a minor damage or entering point acts as a rat passage. Search for the holes in the base, vents, and drawers. Use durable materials like steel or aluminum patches to fill these gaps. 

The best method to seal holes is using silicon-based sealants. Because they are tough, waterproof, and have the ability to stand extremely high temperatures. Moreover, they didn’t catch fire or can cause other harm. Apply it carefully and let it dry before using the grill again. 

●     Regular Maintenance

After placing the grill in storage it’s better to check it regularly. Clean it once a week for proper maintenance. Check the signs of any mouse activity. Look for noises, nesting, scratches, or rat droppings. 

If you find any such signs, take immediate action to control them by using the below-described methods. 

Quick Methods of Removing Mice out of the Grill

●     Traps

Set up mouse traps around the grill and suspected area. You can easily get these traps from the market in different forms or make one at home using bait. 

●     Ultrasonic Repellers

Ultrasonic Repellers are made to generate high-intensity ultrasonic beams to kill rodents. Use them to keep the mice out of the grills. 

●     Natural Deterrents

Natural deterrents also help to keep the mice out of the grill. Peppermint oil is one of the best rat deterrents because of its intense smell that is unpleasant for them. You can use it by soaking a cotton ball in this oil and placing it near the frequently visited areas. 

Some plants, garlic cloves, and ammonia rags also act as deterrents. 

●     Pest Control Services

Pest control services are available all around the world to provide a better living space. If you prefer a hands-off approach, call the nearest pest controllers and they will handle the rest. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1-Does mice living in my grill can cause diseases?

Yes, their dropping, urine and saliva can cause harmful diseases like Hantavirus, salmonella, and other infections.

2-Does mice grow fast?

Mice are prolific creatures. They reproduce and grow rapidly if left unchecked. 

3-Is it safe to use a grill after getting an infestation? 

Infestation is important to completely evacuate the area from rats. However, ensure to sterilize the grill before using it again.

4-How to keep mice out of the grill at home?

Use traps, and natural deterrents to get rid of these filthy creatures putting your health at risk. You can also use ultrasonic Repellers and can call pest removal services to get rid of them. 

Final Verdict

It’s crucial to keep mice out of the grill to maintain a healthy and peaceful cooking environment. It only requires proper cleanliness, maintenance, and preventive measures. 

Moreover, finding their presentence signs and reasons for presence helps to take correct prevention measures. This article covers all the necessary steps to keep them away. Follow these tips to maintain a rodent-free and hygienic space for your loved ones. 

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