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The best way to enjoy BBQ is by using premium grill sets and smokers. Pit Boss grills are a well-known name in this regard. They are famous for their manufacturing quality and error-free smoking. However, like other appliances, at times they show minor inaccuracies, disturbing your peaceful cooking experience.

One of the most frequently occurring faults is Pit Boss error code Erl. Is your grill showing the error code Erl on a digital display? Don’t look any further if you are facing this issue. In this article, we talk all about errors, fixes, and future preventions for Boss smokers. Let’s get straight into it:

Understanding Pit Boss Error Code Erl

Error code Erl is a message that appears on the Pit Boss grill pellet’s digital control boards. This generally indicates some error or inaccurate work. The reason behind this fault depends on the mode of the grill.

However, in most cases, it indicates a temperature failure or wiring issues. The company designed this feature to ensure safety, as it turns off the smoker automatically. And when you turn it on again, the screen displays an error.

Pit Boss smokers have this sensor for monitoring the grill’s temperature and ensuring a better cooking experience. Let’s have a look at the reasons and fixing guide for Pit Boss Error Code Erl:

Common Reasons for Pit Boss Error Code Erl

The first step to fixing the code error is finding the reason for this malfunction. The understanding of troubleshooting helps to quickly solve the issues. Following are some common types of Pit Boss Error Code Erl:

1-  Faulty Temperature Sensor (ErH)

The common cause of this inaccuracy is the failure of the temperature sensor, which shows ErH on display. This could be due to physical damage, electronic issues, or wear and tear. The sensor will no longer communicate with the control board, triggering the ErH code.

This code may appear because of low or high internal heat. When the grill’s temperature exceeds a certain threshold, an error occurs, showing unsafe cooking. The reason behind this is system temperature overflow or airflow obstruction. Dirty grills are supposed to cause more ErH errors.

2-  Control Board Crash or System Glitch

The control board of Pit Boss grills is made to control their functioning. A slight fault in them can cause system crashes and inaccurate working of smokers. When the control board is not working, the temperature sensors automatically lose control, leading to the system shutting down. 

Moreover, rarely, a Pit Boss Error Code Erl results from a software glitch. This may occur because of outdated software, incompatible updates, or corrupted settings. 

3-  Probe Dirt or Connection Fault (Erl or Er1)

Sometimes users don’t pay attention to cleanliness while cooking. It results in the accumulation of dirt on the probe. Similarly, fat and grease from meat sticks on grills lead to grease fire. The sensor stops working because of poor hygiene, and this results in Erl or Er1 on the display of the screen.

Pitt Boss Smokers works through the proper connection of the panel with the RTD probe. A slight failure or loss of connection can cause a shutdown. 

4-  Ignition Issues

The igniter is one of the most crucial grill elements for working. Without it, there will be no fire and, ultimately, no cooking. A minor problem in ignition can cause fire, leading to Pit Boss error code Erl

Secondly, if the users use the smokers for years without cleaning igniters’, it results in dust accumulation. Also, too many ashes in the firepot can trigger the control board. 

Due to the above-mentioned issues, the ignitor didn’t establish fire. Or the ignitor is working but the panel auger has no pellets, so the controller comes with Er2 on a digital screen. 

5-  Wiring Issues or System Overload

Another culprit causing issues is improper wiring. Loose, damaged, or corroded wires can disrupt the electric flow. This signal disruption between the control board and wiring leads to communication errors and system shutdown.

Secondly, system overload or excessive usage can cause heat-up. For safety measures, the system automatically shows the error code Erl to avoid overheating. The screen display ErP means an improper shutdown. It occurs because of burnout or above mentioned system failures. 

6-  Environmental Factors

Sometimes, Pit Boss error code Erl occurs because of extreme weather conditions. Weather, like high or low temperatures, humidity, or rain, can affect the electronic components. In particular, cold weather affects the grill, and it needs more pellets for proper functioning. Also, placing Boss smokers in extreme cold results in core Erl. 

Pit Boss Code Erl Additional Errors

Sometimes unexpected errors interfere with the working of smokers. Timely fixing of these faults helps long-live grill sets. Following are some additional malfunctions:

●     Auger Block

Disruption with hoppers or auger blocks results in a blinking screen displaying Err. This may be caused when any of the internal elements are subjected to water. This means fuel will not be burned, and the system will show low-temperature signs. 

●     Fan Inaccuracy

Grease and dirt accumulate on combustion fans. In this way, they block the air passage. Similarly, a loss of connection between the control board and fan wiring causes the fan to malfunction. In both situations, the digital screen shows error signs. 

●     Intermittent Errors 

Sometimes, the error code Erl may occur intermittently, appearing and disappearing. In such a state, there is no clear pattern to understand the issue. This may be due to a loose connection, a sensor fault, or environmental factors. 

Step-to-step Pit Boss Error Code Erl Fixing Guide 

Here are some simple steps to fix Pit Boss error code Erl at home:

●     Resetting the Grill:

 Firstly, turn off the grill and let it cool for some time. Now turn it on to check whether it is showing the error code Erl or not. Sometimes this simple power cycle fixes the fault. This will fix the ErH error. 

●     Thorough Cleaning:

Periodic cleaning of the grill helps to work it more accurately. First, shut down the power supply. Take out all the pallets and remove the screws. Check the wiring and parts that need to be replaced. Clean the grill and remove ashes, dirt, and grease.

●      Examine Temperature Sensors:

Check the temperature sensors near the firepot. Examine if there is any loss or damage that is interfering with the work. Clean these sensors with clothes and remove the dirt gently.

●      Check the Wiring:

Cross-check the electric wires and control board. Notice if there is corrosion or wire damage. Immediately replace the defective part. 

●     Testing and Sensor Replacement:

Test the sensors using millimeters. Vary the temperature, and check the probe and igniter to see if they are working or not. Replace the sensor if needed. Pit Boss Error Code Erl is mostly caused by faults in temperature sensors. 

●     Auger or Igniter replacement: 

In case of fire, it is not set up or the display shows Er2. Your ignitor needs immediate replacement. 

Pit Boss Customer Support Center

If you are still facing Pit Boss Error code Erl after following the above fixing guide. You should seek help from Pit Boss’s official forum or customer support center. Their trained professionals solve all kinds of faults using advanced tools. Moreover, they remove and replace the defective parts immediately. 

Preventing Tips for Future Maintenance

If you have successfully solved the error, these prevention tips will help you avoid such a scenario in the future. 

  • Keep your grill clean. Check temperature sensors from time to time.
  • Avoid exposing the grill to extreme temperatures. Don’t leave it uncovered in harsh weather.
  • Follow the proper usage guide to ensure longevity. 


Pit Boss error code Erl may occur because of several reasons. However, it is frustrating to encounter. But using the right guidelines and careful checking, you can solve it at home. 

By following tips, guidelines, and maintenance, users can ensure a smooth cooking experience. This article covers all about grill error Erl and its solution. Explore it to get the details and enjoy happy grilling. 


ErP Pit Boss: What does it mean?

When a power outage occurs and the temperature dial is not in the off position, the grill is shut down incorrectly. This is indicated by the ErP code.

What is Pit Boss’s HEr error?

A heating element (HEr) indicates that the temperature of your grill rose above 550°F/287°C, typically as a result of a flare-up or grill fire. As a safety measure, your grill will automatically turn off when the temperature rises above 550°F, and the controller will display “HEr.”

How can the ErP code on my Pit Boss be fixed?

Turn off the grill, wait two minutes, and then turn it back on to make sure it functions properly to fix a “ErP” error that indicates improper shutdown.

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