Royal Gourmet vs Blackstone | A Detailed Comparison

Are you a BBQ lover and often arrange BBQ parties? Do you love to serve large crowds? The prime factor to consider before arranging a perfect outdoor dinner is your BBQ grill. 

Choosing the right grill according to your heat and space requirements is really tricky. Because there are hundreds of grill options available nowadays. All you have to do is to select the best fit carefully. Royal Gourmet and Blackstone are some of the top-performing brands these days. 

Let’s have a detailed analysis and find the best fit for you.

Quick comparison: Royal Gourmet vs Blackstone

We have tested a number of grills from Royal Gourmet and Blackstone. Both of them performed very well. Each has its own specifications, structure, pros and cons. Well, there is a minor difference in their features. In this blog post, we will critically analyze both of them. 

Let’s move further and explore more about them:


The best way to compare two items from different companies is to compare their features. Both companies are well known for their innovative features, sleek appearance, and heating system. 

According to our survey some people like Blackstone, while others prefer Gourmet. It also depends on your event and family necessities. Let’s get into the world of Royal Gourmet and Blackstone and see which one satisfies your cooking needs: 

●     Design and Appearance

Blackstone Griddle comes in black color with a compact design that you can set anywhere. It is used for outside or open-air grilling. 

Royal Gourmet has exactly the same appearance as Blackstone. The only difference is Royal grills didn’t have any upper cover, which seems to compromise on food hygiene. 

Result: Comparing Royal Gourmet vs. Blackstone, Blackstone is the winner. 

●     Heat Distribution 

Blackstone has an amazing heating system. A typical 36-inch 4-burner griddle has a 60,000 BTU range. Also, each burner has adjustable knobs.

On the other hand, a 4-burner Gourmet griddle has a 54,000 BTU range. It also comes with separate knobs.

Result: Both have almost the same heat capacity with a minor difference.

●     Cooking Area 

A Blackstone griddle has a satisfying cooking area. A 4-burner Blackstone griddle has a 720 sq. inch cooking area. It also comes with shelves, a rack, and a grease trap.  

The same goes for Royal Gourmet grills. However, a 4-burner Royal Grill has a 748 sq. inch cooking area.

Result: Comparing these stats of Royal Gourmet vs. Blackstone, Royal Gourmet Grill is the winner.

Products Comparison: Member’s Mark Griddle vs. Blackstone

Royal Gourmet

Royal Gourmet is another big name in the grilling industry. Their grills are quite famous because of their heating capacity and large cooking space.  They have almost the same design as Blackstone.

Just like Blackstone, a typical Royal grill has enough space, side shelves, and trays to satisfy your grilling needs. However, the only drawback is the absence of cover. Otherwise, they are perfect to consider for all kinds of events and are available at reasonable prices.

2 Best Royal Gourmet grills

1-  Royal Gourmet PD1301S-Best Tabletop Grill

Royal PD1301S grill comes with a satisfying grilling area for small families. It offers 312 sq. of cooking space. This 3-burner gas grill comes in black and silver color.

The best thing about this tabletop grill is that it can be adjusted anywhere. You can place it on tables, shelves, or racks. Moreover, there is no need to assemble it, just purchase it and start your grilling.

PortableNo lid
Innovative technology 


2-  Royal Gourmet GB4000- Best 4 burner Gas Grill

An incredibly sleek grill with a nice appearance and innovative features. GB4000 has various features, including side shelves, racks, 4 burners, and heat distribution.

For all those looking for a budget-friendly griddle with matchless features, the Royal GB4000 is the best option to consider.

Push button ignitionSmall Grease trap
Separate knobs 
Thick heat retainer surface 



Blackstone Company just launched its first grill in 2008. With time, they continue to improve their services. A typical Blackstone grill comes in black, grey, or silver color with a compact structure.

Blackstone grills are available in tabletop and wheel or stand design. Moreover, you can select either 1-burner, 2-burner, or 4-burner grill, according to family members.

Comparing Royal Gourmet vs. Blackstone, they perform slightly better.  These grills are perfect for all those who have an open budget but small space.

2 Best Blackstone Griddles

Following Blackstone grills are the top-performing gas grills:

1-  Blackstone 1883 Gas Hood Flat Top- Best 2-burner Griddle

Blackstone 1883 is a tabletop griddle that can be adjusted anywhere because of its compact design. It is lightweight with only 108-pound weight. This elite grill has 2 burners, each with adjustable knobs offering proper heat control.

Additionally, the grill is made from metal, ensuring durability and weather resistance. The lid, side shelves, and lower tray enhance your cooking experience, making it your prime choice.

Dual side shelvesLimited cooking space
Metal construction 
Easy to keep and clean 


2-  Blackstone 36-inch Propane Gas Griddle-Best for serving large Crowd

Blackstone 36-inch is an innovative griddle with 4 burners, separate knobs, side shelves, and a rack. The best thing about this incredible griddle is its modern grease trap. It removes the mess and ensures the hygiene of your food.

Moreover, this grill uses propane gas as fuel and an automatic ignitor. It has a 60,000 BTU range. Also, it comes with enough cooking space to serve large crowds. This dynamic propane grill is a perfect choice for those with larger families.

Heat retainingNot preferred for small families
Steel frame with powder coat 
Perfect grilling area 

Which one is better?

In this article, we discussed all of the similarities and differences between the two products. However, we will select the Blackstone Griddle if we have to choose between the two.

The reason for this is that Blackstone Griddle provides a sizable cooking surface. In general, if you want a griddle station with a trendy appearance, go with the Blackstone griddle. Moreover, attempt it once more if you must accommodate a sizable group. Its relatively larger cooking surface and higher energy supply are the reasons for this.


Is Blackstone worth the money?

Blackstone’s griddles are among the best on the market. Its griddles have a solid steel griddle top and are constructed from premium materials. Season after season, these griddles remain ready for use because of a unique grease management system at the back that makes cleaning them simple.

How is the Royal Gourmet cleaned?

Turn off the gas by using the valve on the propane tank or the gasoline. Use a stiff wire brush dipped in water to clean the grates. Grease can be dissolved with the addition of dish soap to the water. Once you are done, and the grate has cooled, use a moist cloth to wipe it clean of any bristles or residue.

Will high-end grills last longer?

High-end barbecues exhibit greater robustness and longevity. Instead of using a less expensive material that is more likely to rust or corrode over time, they use premium stainless steel. Everybody has experienced the aggravating feeling of a grill not functioning properly due to parts that are not durable enough for regular use.


Every Blackstone griddle and royal gourmet has its own special qualities. Every aspect of the two griddles, from the cooking surfaces to the burners, is distinct and special. All the factors one should consider when purchasing a griddle are listed here.

Consider all of these factors and determine which griddle best meets your needs by making your own decision. You can purchase one of these griddles and enjoy an amazing grilling experience if you also consider your budget.

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