Primo vs Kamado Joe Grill

Last summer, I arranged a lot of dinners at my place. I often use a charcoal grill to make yummy, smoky chicken tenders.

Are you a BBQ lover too? Then you must know that meat cooked on Charcoal grills has exceptional taste. The rich smoky flavor of grilled meat is the best BBQ experience ever. 

Well, gas or electric grills are also great for BBQ. But charcoal grills are specially designed for grilling outside. Also, cooking on a charcoal grill is healthy and safe.

Are you struggling to find the best charcoal grill? There are a lot of grills available in the market. All you have to do is to find the best fit for you.

Here is an in-depth comparison between Primo vs. Kamado Joe Grill.

Quick Comparison: Primo vs. Kamado Joe Grill

We have tested more than 50 grills. All of them were great in different ways. But two of them caught our attention. Primo and Joe’s grills perform best during testing.

Well, they are the same in some ways. But actually, both have different designs and features. Each of them is great in its own way.

Here is the feature, pros, and cons of Primo vs. Kamado Joe Grill:

Primo Grill

Primo company has been performing great in the grill industry for so long. Primo ceramic gas grill, propane grill, and Kamado grill are quite famous. You can select any of them according to your cooking requirements.

This Primo grill has an oval design. It comes with a remarkable lifetime warranty. The grill has a 2-zone direct heating system. It comes in different sizes, so you can select according to your space.

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Top 3 Primo Grills

These are the top recommendations for the best Primo grills:

1-   Primo 774 Ceramic Charcoal Grill

If we compare Primo vs. Kamado Joe Grill, this version of Primo Grill always wins. It has the same oval design. It comes with a 210 ft. cooking area. The grill is made from stainless steel.

It is also weather-resistant. Overall, this Primo 774 is a quality grill at budget-friendly pricing.

2-   Primo All-in-one Kamado Grill

Primo All-in-one is a portable grill. It has ceramic walls and even heat distribution. The top lid is made of iron. The outer structure comes with stainless steel and ceramic.

This grill comes with 280 ft. of grilling area. It is used for outdoor purposes and can tolerate severe weather conditions.

3-   Primo Oval XL

As shown by the name, this grill is famous for its large size. Primo Oval XL has a 680 ft grilling area. It has the same 2-portion design. This grill is best fit for commercial purposes.

Why should we buy this?

Primo charcoal grills are the best-performing charcoal grills. They have 2 portions, compact design. The heating system is remarkable. The manufacturing material is great, with a long life warranty.

These oval-shaped Primo grills are simple to use. They are the best for outdoor grilling. If you have a tight budget, you should go for one of the Primo grills.


Kamado Joe Grill

If you are looking for something exceptional, Kamado Grill is for you. The grill has a cool egg shape, red shade, and vibrant heat. If we make a list of the best charcoal grills, Joe Grill surely be our first choice.

Moreover, Joe’s grill has perfect heat distribution. The ceramic structure accurately controls excessive heat. It allows you to raise the temperature according to your food requirements.

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 Top Kamado Joe Grills

Here are our top recommendations for the best Joe grills:

1-   Kamado Joe Big Joe

The Joe Big Joe grill comes with remarkable features. This grill can tolerate high temperatures due to its dense ceramic walls. It has multiple racks that are easy to clean. This Joe grill can also handle harsh weather conditions.

Furthermore, the grill comes with a large cooking area. The user can grill large amounts of meat at once, making it perfect for crowds. Besides all these features, it has an empty side draw to collect ashes. This Joe Kamado grill is excellent for handling tons of food.

2-     Joe Classic

Joe Classic is a portable grill. It is a 28-inch grill from the Joe series. The grill has equal heat distribution. Also, the temperature handling feature is quite reliable. The grill comes with a large space, providing a great cooking experience. 

Finally, like other charcoal grills, it has a heat-resisting feature. It is made up of rust-free iron. The manufacturing material is premium-quality stainless steel. Additionally, Joe’s classic grill comes with an outside drawer for convenient cleaning.

3-   Kamado Joe Classic 3


The classic 3 grill is also made from stainless steel. It has an Air Lift hinge for convenient opening and closing. The grill comes with amazing moisture and temperature control features.

The compact design and two side shelves make cooking much easier. It also comes with an outside drawer.


Why should we buy this?

For all those looking for a handy, large grill the Joe series is the best choice. These grills come with amazing temperature-control ceramic walls. Also, they can stand rain making them perfect for outdoor use.

The Joe Kamado grills are best for commercial use. However, they are expensive, but the unusual features compensate for the price.

Which Grill is Best?

Even though we would side with Kamado Joe in a Primo vs. Kamado Joe debate, ultimately it comes down to personal preference.

The Kamado Joe and Primo Series grills are excellent choices for simple and conventional grills. More patented features on the Kamado Joe increase the effectiveness of ventilation and two-zone cooking.  The Kamado Joe might be a better choice if you want to grill meat, fish, and vegetables all at once. If you want “extras” like rotisserie and pizza oven attachments, a Kamado Joe is the appliance for you.

The Primo line may have more to offer if your budget is limited or you simply want an inexpensive grill that you can use occasionally. The majority of grills are more affordable than the Kamado Joe line-up while still performing superbly when grilling. Because they are robust and high-quality, you can be confident that whatever you prepare for family or friends will turn out beautifully.

Final Verdict

Primo vs. Kamado Joe Grill, both come with unique designs and structures. They have remarkable heat-resisting features. During testing, we found out that Primo and Joe Kamado both are great and easy to handle. 

We will undoubtedly choose the Joe Kamado grill if we have a thorough comparison. All due to its exceptional qualities. They are suitable for commercial use, but they are a little expensive.


Which is superior between Primo and Kamado Grill?

We can conclude that the Joe series is superior to the Primo BBQ Grills after a thorough comparison.

Which of the Primo grills is the best?

The Primo 774 Ceramic Charcoal grill is what we advise choosing if you want to purchase a Primo grill.

Are charcoal grill foodstuffs wholesome and safe?

The food prepared on charcoal grills is completely safe. They are also wholesome and edible. Simply taking some safety measures is all that is required.

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