Member’s Mark Griddle vs Blackstone

Summer is all about heat waves, slow breezes, and calm evenings. And obviously, the food lovers didn’t miss the chance to utilize such peaceful nights. The best way to enjoy summer nights is to grill and get together. 

Are you a BBQ lover? Are you looking for a durable grill for your upcoming BBQ party? Well, there are thousands of options available in the market. All the grills have exceptional features. The same goes for Member’s Mark griddle and Blackstone.

Let us have a detailed conversation about Member’s Mark Griddle and Blackstone:

Quick Comparison: Member’s Mark Griddle vs Blackstone

Well, when it comes to BBQ grill we have a hundred options to consider. All you have to do is to select the right one for you. People select the grills according to their heat demands, family size, and budget. 

Are you confused about selecting between Member’s Mark griddle and Blackstone? Look no further than today. Because we are here with a detailed comparison between Member’s Mark griddle and Blackstone.  

Let’s deep dive into the world of these elite grills and explore more about them:

Comparison of Features: Member’s Mark Griddle vs. Blackstone

Member’s Mark and Blackstone are two well-known names for buying grilling items. They offer compact, durable, lightweight, and adjustable grills. But if we critically analyze the features of Member’s Mark griddle and Blackstone, then Blackstone dominates the industry.

Let’s have a quick comparison between their features:

●     Design and Appearance

When it comes to appearance, both brands are doing great. Member’s Mark and Blackstone come in gray, silver, and black colors. The Member’s grill has cold-roll steel, while the other comes in hot-roll steel.

But irrespective of design, Blackstone has a thicker upper top, providing a stable heat and is more innovative.

Result: Blackstone grills are more compact and have a nice built-in.

●     Heat Distribution

I always check the heating system before buying a grill, which is the most important thing. 

Member’s Mark grill comes with even heat distribution and high temperature. The best thing is smooth heating and adjustable knobs. Just like Blackstone, a typical 4 burner Member’s Mark grill has 60,000 BTUs. 

Blackstone grills have a heating option up to 550F; under ideal setup, you can increase it to 650F. Additionally, it allows more temperature control. The grill offers an electronic heat system and an automatic ignition option.

Result: Both of them are OK with the heating system.

●     Cooking Area 

Both grills have enough cooking surface to satisfy your needs. They come with a large, flat cooking surface, providing an enhanced cooking experience.

Result: Blackstone is the winner in terms of cooking top.

●     Durability 

Member’s Mark griddle is made of aluminum. On the other hand, Blackstone is made of steel. Moreover, they have almost the same weight with a minor difference of 10lbs

Result: Both Member’s Mark griddle and Blackstone are almost equally durable.


●     Price

Member’s Mark griddles are sleek and affordable. Conversely, Blackstone grills are always heavy on pockets and have higher price tags. 

Result: Member’s Mark griddle is easy on your pocket.

Products Comparison: Member’s Mark Griddle vs. Blackstone

Member’s Mark Griddle

Member’s Mark is among the famous griddle companies. The company has its roots in Sam’s Club. All of their grills and griddles come with a satisfying heating system, a sleek appearance, and a nice manufacturing material.

This sleek and robust gas griddle has a black-painted steel cart and a stainless steel control panel. You will question how you ever managed without it because it is so practical. Cooking enthusiasts will find the 720 square inch hot rolled steel griddle surface to be a dream come true. It is sturdy, simple to season, and easy to clean, with plenty of room to cook entire meals from breakfast to dinner.

For all those looking for affordable griddles with innovative features, the Members Mark is the best fit.

2 Best Member’s Mark Griddles

●     Member’s Mark 4-Burner Outdoor Gas Griddle

 The Member’s’sark 4-burner gas grill is ultimately durable with a vibrant silver and black appearance. It comes with 60,000 total BTUs and 720sq inches of cooking surface. The grill is made of stainless steel and is ultimately durable, lifting up your grilling game.

Moving and storing this unit is made simple by its two-locking heavy-duty casters.  With its two handy side tables, towel bars, tool hooks, griddle scraper, and personalized griddle cover, the Member’s Mark 4-Burner Gas Griddle is an amazing deal that will last you for many years in the kitchen.

Built-in grease removalCannot work for large crowds
Heavy steel manufacturing 

●     30-inch Member’s Mark Outdoor Gas Grill

This elite grill comes with 5 burners and an even heating system.  It has an amazing range of 10,000 BTUs. The grill is made of stainless steel and has warming racks, wrapped rods, and other accessories.

DurableNot for small gatherings
High BTU range 



If you are looking for a compact and enhanced grilling experience, Blackstone is highly recommended. The elite griddles from Blackstone come with a nice cooking area. Moreover, the BTU range and high temperature make it our top pick.

If we compare Member’s Mark griddle vs. Blackstone, Blackstone is the ultimate winner

2 Best Blackstone Grill

●     Blackstone 36 Inch Gas Griddle

This Blackstone grill comes with 4 burners and a satisfying heating system. Just like a typical Member’s Mark grill, it has a total 60,000 BTU range. Well, the only drawback is it’s a bit heavy. But overall, this exclusive grill has a commendable setup. This Blackstone grill is the perfect fit for all those with an open budget. 

You can quickly start cooking with it because it is easy to use and assemble. With its easy start feature, this grill eliminates the need for kerosene, charcoal, and matches. A push-button ignition that runs on a battery. Your griddle is ready to use with just a button push. You can spend more time enjoying the outdoors and avoid the headache that comes with cooking outside.

Large surface areaHeavy
Proper greasing system 
Even heating 


●     Blackstone culinary 3-burner Grill

This amazing grill comes with 3 burners having a 48,000 BTU range. The grate is made of cast iron, and the overall body has a stainless steel material. The grill is well-known because of its compact appearance and functionality. The grill comes with liquid propane fueling and electric ignition technology.

Liquid propane fuelGet rusted easily
547 cooking space 
Adjustable knobs 


I will not argue against the merits of either of them.

However, if I had to pick just one that I would suggest to you right now, I would always go with the Blackstone griddle instead of the Members Mark griddle. Due to the higher overall quality, Blackstone wins in both categories. The Member’s Mark grills make a respectable choice if money is tight.

For me, it is an easy decision. Although they are slightly more expensive, you will appreciate their superior performance. Having a customer service number always available in case you need it is beneficial!

What matters most is that these brands offer excellent griddles that are user-friendly and adaptable. So, pick a model that best fits your requirements and enjoy yourself while preparing food.

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