Cuisinart Elite Griddler vs Breville Smart Grill

Do you like inviting people to your home on summer nights to enjoy BBQ? You must buy a grill if you love to serve meat at your gatherings. Are you looking for the best grill that perfectly meets your gathering requirements?

There are various gases or electrical grills in the market from different companies. All of them have their specialties. All you need to do is to select the best fit for you.

Are you unsure whether to buy this one or that one? Say goodbye to your confusion. Because we are here with the comparison among 2 top performing grills.

Let’s get straight into our topic and explore more about both products:

Quick Comparison: Cuisinart Elite Griddler vs. Breville Smart Grill

Last month, we tested different grills from various companies. Some of them meet our expectations, while others don’t. But two of them have caught our attention.

Cuisinart Elite and Breville Smart grill perform well during testing. Let’s compare Cuisinart Elite Griddler vs. Breville Smart Grill and find the best suit for you.

Cuisinart Elite Griddler

Cuisinart Company has been providing its service in the stove industry for so long. Elite Griddler is an electrical grill with an innovative design. This grill is quite simple to use and portable. It enables you to transfer your cooking space to the garden during outdoor gatherings.

This Cuisinart Elite Griddler is a convenient cooking item with unique features. It is made of stainless steel to ensure long-lasting life. This product is famous for its versatility.

Let’s deep down to the features of the Cuisinart Elite Griddler:


●      Large cooking area

Elite Griddler has a large cooking area. The Cooking plate is perfect for grilling meat for almost 12 hamburgers.

If you often invite your relatives or friends to dinner, Cuisinart Elite Griddler is best for you.

●      Even heat distribution

This grill has an amazing heat distribution option for the whole cooking area, enabling you to enjoy convenient cooking.

●      Nonstick portion

The Elite Griddler comes with a nonstick portion. It helps you to save oil and provides more hygienic and cholesterol-free food.

●      Stainless manufacturing material

The Elite Griddler is made from premium quality stainless steel that lasts a year.

●      Adjustable knobs

The grill has adjustable knobs to set the flame according to your requirements. 

●      Multiple cooking options

The best feature of Elite Griddler is its multiple cooking options. It has a grill, half/ full griddle, melt, and Panini press cooking option.

VersatilityA bit pricy
Multiple cooking options 
Reversible, removable plates 

 Why should we buy this?

Cuisinart Elite Griddler is a versatile cooking range with 2 removable plates. You can remove the plate by simply pushing a button. These plates are made of stainless, premium quality material.

Furthermore, both plates are soap and dishwasher-compatible, so you don’t have to worry while washing them. The plate has dual features; one side is flat, while the other is a grill.

This Elite Griddler has a large cooking surface and even heat distribution to provide an exceptional cooking experience. The grill has an innovative design with a comfy handle to open and close the grill.

The grill is easy to use. It has adjustable knobs and multiple cooking options, making it an all-in-one grill range. If you have an open budget, you should go for this Elite grill.


Breville Smart Grill is an affordable grill. It comes with several notable features. Just like the Elite grill, this is also made from stainless steel. It has amazing dual-functional cooking options.

This classy grill has a simpler design. Also, the layout and functions are easy-to-understand. It has 3 elements in total. With this smart grill, you will get a premium cooking experience at such a cheap price. 


●      Premium Quality material

Breville smart grill comes with quality stainless steel material. Furthermore, the product is quite heavy and durable. 

●      Removable plates

This smart grill has removable plates. Both plates have compatible with soap and liquid dishwashers. You can remove the leaves just by pressing a button on the grill.

●      Dual cooking modes

You can switch between two modes while cooking food on this smart grill. You’ll set BBQ or Panini mode according to your requirements.

●      Even heat distribution

This Breville grill has equal heat distribution all over the surface. It provides the user a smooth cooking experience.

●      Non-stick

Breville smart grill comes with a non-stick cooking material. It’ll reduce fats and oil in your food, particularly in meat.

●      Panini mode

The most adorable function of Smart Grill is the Panini mode. With this Panini press cooking mode, you can set it between various heights. It will be a great option while using it as an indoor grill. 

Budget-friendlyNo automatic shutoff
Removable plates 
Dual-operating modes 

 Why should we buy this?

Breville Smart Grill is one of the finest products we have tested. This grill has stainless manufacturing material. It is easy to use and has a convenient cleaning layout. The best part of this Elite grill is ultra-smart plates.

The plates are non-stick and removable. You can remove the plate with a single push of a button. Also, the grill has adjustable knobs for setting temperature. If you plan to buy an indoor grill but have a tight budget, this Breville grill is the best choice.

Final Verdict

Both the Cuisinart Elite Griddler and Breville Smart Grill are great. Each of them has their specifications. 

The Cuisinart Elite Griddler is the best choice for those with enough money. Because of its exceptional features and remarkable quality, the Elite griddler is our top choice. But if you have a tight budget, you should buy the Breville smart grill.


Which one is better, a gas grill or an electric grill?

Electric grills have advanced technology. Also, they didn’t cause any pollution. During cooking, they didn’t cause much smoke. They are preferable for indoor cooking.

Is Breville an indoor grill?

Yes. The Breville smart grill is an electric grill. It comes with an 1800W heating system. There is no combustion of fuel. So, it doesn’t produce any pollution. These qualities make it best for indoor use.

Which of them, Cuisinart Elite Griddler vs. Breville Smart Grill, is better?

According to reviews, the Cuisinart Grill wins with an 8.0 score. On the other hand, Breville Grill gets a 7.0 overall score. So, we can conclude that Cuisinart Elite Griddler is better.

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