Blackstone Adventure Ready 28 vs. Regular

Buying a perfect grill according to event requirements is just like finding a needle in a haystack. Especially when you are considering two products from the same company. The same goes in this case. Blackstone grills are well-known because of their features, and it is really difficult to select a single item from such premium offerings.

The top two Blackstone portable griddles are the Adventure Ready 28 and the Regular. Their designs are lightweight and compact, allowing easy mobility wherever they go. In other words, they are simple and ideal for use outside.

However, if you need help deciding between them, you have come to the right place. We will discuss all of the major differences between them in this article. So, keep reading this article.

Blackstone History

Before we finalize a product, Blackstone Adventure ready or regular, let’s have a word about Blackstone Company. Blackstone Company launched its first grill in 2008, with a great sales response. 

Then, they started manufacturing more grills according to customers’ needs. Blackstone uses innovative technology. Their top priority is to satisfy grilling needs and provide you with an exceptional cooking experience. 

Let’s deep dive into the world of Blackstone grills and explore more about them:

Quick comparison: Blackstone Adventure Ready 28 vs. Regular

Are you looking for a prime grill to enjoy the best grilling ever? Are you confused about buying Blackstone Adventure Ready 28 or Regular? Look no further than today because we have a solution to your problem. 

This article has a detailed feature analysis of Blackstone Adventure Ready 28 and Blackstone Regular. Let’s get straight into our comparison and select the best fit for you: 

Blackstone Adventure Ready 28

Blackstone Adventure ready 28-inch is a premium quality grill made of stainless steel. The grill has two burners, adjustable knobs, and a satisfying heating system. This sleek and compact grill occupies a very small space, making it one of the best BBQ grills.

It is best for all kinds of adventure, including boating, hunting, and camping. It is among the greatest tabletop griddles available right now.


Following are some features of Adventure 28-inch:

●     Appearance and Durability 

Adventure Ready is a compact tabletop grill with exceptional features. The grill comes in a lavish black color with a rectangular shape. Ready 28-inch is a lightweight and well-equipped grill and is ultimately portable. 

Blackstone Ready 28 has a premium manufacturing material. Overall, it is made of steel, and the powder coating on the base ensures durability. The stands on the bottom are the best thing about this grill, as they can adjust on any surface. 


●     Heat Distribution 

Cooking is all about heating at a fine and required temperature. This incredible grill has an even heat distribution. It comes with a total of 34,000 BTUs and enough temperature. Additionally, the electric ignition ensures safety. 

Also, it had no hot spots or heated patches to make you uncomfortable during cooking. 

●     Cooking Area and Adjustable Knobs

Blackstone Adventure Ready 28 has a 448 sq. cooking area. It is perfect for grilling meat for at least 40 burgers at once. Moreover, you can set it anywhere on a table or shelf according to your ease. 

This grill comes with 2 burners. Each burner has its adjustable knob. These knobs are made of stainless steel and offer more heat control. You can set your flame according to the food’s heat requirement. 

●     Grease Flow Channels

Grease damages many griddles, reducing their lifespan. It may also affect the temperature controls on some grills. Its back grease management technology makes cleanup simple and quick. Its lack of grease buildup extends its life.

●     Price

If we compare Blackstone Adventure Ready and Regular, then Ready 28 is the winner. This awesome griddle is available only for $281 at Amazon.

Electric ignitorLimited cooking space
34,000 BTU 
Easy to assemble 

Why should we buy this?

The Adventure Ready 28-inch outdoor griddle is known for its superior appearance and portability. You can take it anywhere because it is adjustable and takes up less space.

It also includes innovative features and cutting-edge technology to ensure user safety. This 2 burner grill has all the perks and is best for small gatherings. Adventure Ready 28 is an excellent choice for anyone with a small family and a limited budget.

Blackstone Regular

Comparing Blackstone Adventure ready 28 or Regular grill, we will find some minor differences. Blackstone regular griddle uses innovative technology and has a sleek appearance. Regular grills are available in a 3 or 4-burner setup. 

Regular griddles are perfect for large gatherings and to serve larger crowds. They are also available in tabletop layouts, like regular 1650 tabletop grills.


Here are some features of Regular Blackstone grills:

●     Appearance and Durability

Regular Blackstone griddles are available in silver and black color. They are also well-assembled and also come with cabins and side drawers. They are made of stainless steel, ensuring durability.

Regarding durability, both Blackstone Adventure Ready 28 and Regular are the same. 

Result: Regular griddles are better in appearance and other accessories.

●     Heat Distribution 

Regular grills have more burner than Adventure 28. So they offer more heat and temperature control. On the other hand, fuel consumption is also elevated in providing more temperature.

Result: Both have the same temperature concerning the number of burners.

●     Cooking Area and Adjustable Knobs

Blackstone Regular griddles offer more cooking area. For example, a 36-inch griddle offers 769 sq. of cooking area, ensuring a more convenient cooking experience. 

A 4-burner Regular Blackstone griddle comes with 4 knobs. Each knob is connected to a single burner. Separate burners offer more temperature and flame control.

Result: Comparing Blackstone Adventure Ready 28 and Regular, Regular grills have more cooking area. 

●     Price

3-burner and 4-burner griddles are more expensive than Adventure ready. A 4-burner griddle is usually available for $399 to $999 at the original site of Blackstone.

Result: Comparing Blackstone Adventure Ready 28 or Regular griddles, Ready 28 is the winner.

PortableLarge size
Best for crowd servings 

Why should we buy this?

Blackstone regular griddles are worth buying, offering exceptional features. They are lightweight, portable, and easy to assemble. A regular 4-burner grill is a perfect fit for serving larger crowds.

Which one is best?

The most important question now is which of these is superior.

Following this comparison, the Blackstone Adventure Ready 28 is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It has a larger cooking capacity and is ideal for indoor and outdoor use. It has a more compact and lightweight design that makes it portable.

It costs slightly more than the standard model but has a larger cooking capacity. So, if you want a portable grill with a larger cooking capacity, choose the Blackstone Adventure Ready.


Blackstone Adventure Ready 28 and Blackstone Regular are excellent griddles for portable grills.  These griddles are small and lightweight, making them easy to transport. While the Adventure Ready has a larger cooking capacity, the Blackstone Regular is lighter and easier to transport.

These two griddles offer a ton of exciting adventures. They are placeable anywhere. Everything concerning these two portable griddles was covered in this discussion. This post will assist you in choosing the best griddle for your upcoming trip and making an informed decision.


What makes Blackstone superior to Grill?

Gas grills have a reputation for heating up quickly, which makes them perfect for searing burgers or steaks. The Blackstone griddle is the most versatile option available. Its level surface makes cooking more food at once possible and offers more cooking options.

Do you need help to maintain Blackstone griddles?

Cleaning a well-seasoned Blackstone griddle is easy, and you should not even need to use soap because each time you cook, the seasoning layer gets stronger. It is how to maintain the best possible condition for a Blackstone griddle by cleaning it.

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