3 Burner vs 4 Burner Gas Grill

Are you planning to buy a gas grill? If you are looking for one, many items are available. All the products come with several remarkable features. All you have to do is to select the best one according to your requirements.

If you decide to buy a gas grill, it’s time to find a good fit for you. Are you sure if a 3- or 4-burner gas grill is better? Say goodbye to your confusion. Here is a quick comparison between a 3-burner vs. a 4-burner gas grill.

Let’s deep dive into the features, pros, and cons of both grills so that you can decide the best suit for you:

Quick Comparison: 3 Burner vs 4 Burner Gas Grill

We’ve tested a 3-burner gas grill and a 4-burner gas grill. The main difference is that a 4 burner grill has one more burner than a 3 burner grill. 

But each of them has its specifications. Both have different structures, pros, and cons. In this blog post, we have a detailed comparison of 3 Burner vs. 4 Burner gas grills

Here is the introduction, features, pros, and cons of 3-burner and 4-burner gas grills:

3 Burner Gas Grill

A 3-burner grill is made of stainless steel, providing you with a convenient cooking experience. It comes with a compact design, 3 burners, and foldable shelves.

A 3-burner gas grill is perfect for a family of four persons. It has the same sleek, foldable design as one with 4 burners. However, a 3 burner grill takes less space in your kitchen and is more budget-friendly.


The following are the features of a 3-burner gas grill:

●      Grill size

A 3-burner gas grill is typically 400 to 450 square inches. This size can perfectly fit in an average-sized kitchen. You can also adjust it in your garden or terrace for the family weekend BBQ. 

●      Fuel consumption

Most of the time, each burner of a 3-burner grill supplies 700-1000 BTUs. So, fuel consumption for grill gates is different for various companies. The higher the BTUs, the higher will be fuel combustion. 

●      Adjustment knobs

A 3 Burner grill has 3 adjustable knobs. One knob is connected with each burner. You can control the temperature of each burner. Also, you can adjust flame and BTU according to your needs.

●      Cooking area

A 3-burner grill is perfect for small family gatherings, friend’s dinners, or neighbor gatherings in your garden. But again,, you can’t cook meat for many people, big parties, or gatherings on a 3-burner grill.

●      Pricing

When we talk about pricing, 3 Burner gas grills are cost-effective. They’ve almost the same cooking features at a small price. 

Budget-friendlyLimited cooking space
Small size can fit anywhere 
Residential use 

Why we should buy them?

3 burner gas grills are quite famous for their compact design. Also, you can place a 3 burner grill anywhere because they don’t occupy much space. Additionally, they are affordable with up-to-date features.

You can get almost all the perks in a 3-burner grill. They are tightly packed, and the BTU is also adjustable. 3 Burner gas grill is the best fit for all those looking for a grill for residential purposes.

Some Best 3 Burner Gas Grills

These are the top recommendations for the best 3-burner gas grill:

  • Weber Spirit E-310 Liquid propane gas grill
  • Char boil Classic 360 3 Burner Liquid Propane gas grill
  • Dyna-Glo DGC310CNP-D 3 Burner Open Cart Propane Gas Grill

4 Burner Gas Grill

A 4-burner gas grill is made of heavy stainless steel. The outer layer is structured to control higher temperatures. It has 4 burners, an up-to-date design, a high BTU, and adjustable control knobs.

Additionally, the design has a large cooking area. They are mostly preferred if you want to serve a large crowd. Such grill gates are famous for their long-lasting material, durability, and high flames.


●      Grill size

The standard size of a 4-burner grill is 450-500 square feet. They occupy more space than a typical 3-burner gas grill.

●      Cooking area

A 4-burner gas grill has a large cooking area. It is convenient for large families. If you love to arrange dinners for many people, you should go for a 4-burner grill. 

●      Even-Heat distribution

A 4-burner gas grill has a highly developed system for perfect heat distribution to all the burners. It provides the user with a smooth cooking experience.

Moreover, the fuel consumption of a grill depends on the manufacturing material and flame used at different times.

●      Adjustment knobs

A 4-burner gas grill has modern, adjustable knobs to set the flame according to your food requirements.

●      Pricing

A 4-burner grill is way more expensive than a 3-burner grill. The main difference is that a 4-burner offers an extra burner compared to a 3-burner gas grill.

Best for commercial purposesExpensive
Large cooking area 
High flame 

Why should we buy them?

4-burner gas grills are mostly used to cook for large family gatherings or parties. They have a premium heat supply. Also, the construction material is great. Most companies use stainless steel to make 4-burners.

They were expensive. But the modern features and heating system compensate for the price. They are the prime choice for commercial kitchen owners.

Some of the best 4-burner Gas Grills

Following are the best 4-burner gas grills to buy:

  • Weber Genesis E-410 LP
  • Blackstone 36-inch outdoor flat gas grill
  • Napoleon Prestige 500

Safety Measurements

Before using any electric or gas stove, make sure to read the instruction book. Check all the knobs after finishing your work. Do not leave any burner open. Use stove gloves during cooking.

Also, you should take care of all the precautionary measures for a safer cooking experience.


Which one is better 3 burner or 4 burner gas grill?

Compared to a 4-burner gas grill, a 3-burner gas grill is more space-efficient due to its smaller size. A 4-burner gas grill requires more room, is heavier, and is more difficult to move. They aren’t potable, so as a result, 3 burners are preferred.

Is a grill with three burners sufficient?

Three burners are sufficient to grill those burgers, steaks, and side dishes if you are having a nice backyard cookout with friends and family. A 4-burner grill, on the other hand, can accommodate a larger gathering. When you are expecting more guests at your BBQ parties, it is perfect.


3-burner vs. 4-burner gas grill, both are great in their own ways. You will select the right one for you according to your heat requirements. Also, before choosing one, you must consider the space in your kitchen.

Nowadays, different companies are offering a variety of burner gas grills. They have specific features and innovative technology. You’ll choose one according to your requirements.

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