How to Season an Offset Smoker?

Many people end up with rusty offset smokers because they do not know the proper steps to take care of it. In this article, you will be demonstrated how you can season your offset smoker for a perfect deep flavor without worrying about getting rust.

Tools You Need for Seasoning an Offset Smoker

It is relatively easy to clean an offset smoker. You can use simple tools to get your cleaning process started. On the other hand, you must take care of the interior coating and ensure you do not scrub it off. In contrast, the water should not get inside, which can cause rust if not detected. Some of the tools that you need for seasoning an offset smoker include

  • A power washer for cleaning the exterior of an offset smoker.
  • Any oil for seasoning the interior. This can also include oil spray.
  • Microfiber towels or paper towels.
  • A brush for cleaning the grates.

Steps to Season an Offset Smoker

Seasoning your offset smoker is a simple task. If you follow the steps as it is, you will be done in no time. In contrast, seasoning an offset smoker for the first time can require about two and a half hours for the whole process.

  1. Power washes the outer part of your Offset Smoker.

You can easily find the power washer near your stores. You can hire them or buy them. As the first step, all you have to do is power wash the interior and exterior of an offset smoker. This process is necessary as it helps remove any excess oil, debris, or dirt collected onto your offset smoker during manufacturing.

If you do not give a power wash to your offset smoker, these excessive oils and dampers can end up cooking in your meat. This will give your meat a strange flavor and can harm your health. On the other hand, you must ensure that once you have power-washed your offset smoker, you will dry it out completely. You can do so by letting it stand out for some time. This will make sure that there is no water left.

  • Clean all the Grates of an offset Smoker.

Every offset smoker comes with grates. You are going to remove it from the offset smoker. After removing it from the offset smoker, you will brush it. For your convenience, you can power wash it just like you did with the offset smoker. On the other hand, you are going to take a wire scrub brush. This brush will help remove excess oil, debris, or dirt from your grill.

You will mix water with dishwashing liquid and apply it to the grates for the best results. In addition, the new offset smokers come with a water pan. You can also remove it and clean it. After cleaning your offset smoker grates and water pan, you will keep them aside for drying.

  • Apply a Coating of Oil

Now starts the seasoning process of an offset smoker. For this process, you will take any cooking oil, such as vegetables or canola. To perfectly season an offset smoker, you must apply an even coat of oil to the interior of an offset smoker. Ensure no water is used during this process, as it can cause rust and remove the paint.

For a hassle-free process, most people choose a cooking spray. It is much easier to use and can get into the interior quickly. If you choose to use vegetable oil, apply one code of oil everywhere evenly. In addition, there should be no olive oil as it does not have enough smoking points.

  • Light the Fire

After applying a nice, even coating of oil to the interior of an offset smoker, you will let it rest for about 15 to 20 minutes. This will help the oil fumes to rest down and not cause a highly aggressive fire. To light up the fire, you will get your charcoal ready. Next, you will spread the charcoal into the offset smoker, and it will start warming up.

  • Maintain a Steady Temperature

It is estimated that you have to maintain a steady temperature to season your offset smoker. This process must be done for at least two hours nonstop. Once your charcoal is ready and in the offset smoker, you will keep a check that the temperature is constantly above 165 degrees.

For the best results and ultimate quotation, ensure the temperature is constantly above 165 degrees and near 250 degrees. You must maintain this temperature for at least two hours to thoroughly season your offset smoker.

  • Protection of Internal Coating

Applying an even layer of oil and warming your offset smoker for at least two hours near 165 and 250 degrees is essential for internal coating. It gives you a protected layer for cooking your meals. Furthermore, when you are warming up your offset smoker for two hours up to 165 degrees, it causes the manufacturing oils or excessive debris to burn off.

  • Wiping down excessive Oil

Once the smoker has created the internal coating, you will let it rest for at least one hour. This will help the offset smoker to cool down, making it easy to wipe down. You can use a microfiber towel or paper towels to remove excessive oils from the coating. Furthermore, ensure you do not use abrasive chemicals, which can scratch or remove the protective layer.

  • Cleaning the Offset Smoker after Cooking

Once you are done cooking in your offset smoker, you will remove the offset smoker grates. You can wash them in the sink with mild dishwashing liquid and water. As for the interior, you will wipe it out, so no aggressive chemicals should be used. This can remove the protective layer or coating of your officer smoker.


Seasoning an officer smoker is hassle-free if you know the proper steps. This article will help you to create an excellent understanding of what you should do to clean an offset smoker. The most important thing you must remember is not to use abrasive chemicals, hard material, or anything that can harm your internal coating. At the same time, the temperatures must be maintained between 160 to 250 degrees.

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