How to Clean an Electric Grill

Every household has a grill to make their food delicious and flavorful. You will find different grills, such as gas or electric grills. On the other hand, you will also find a charcoal grill. Likewise, the easiest and the most modern way of using a grill is an electric grill.

Electric grills are very easy to clean if you follow the following steps. These steps will elaborate on how to clean your countertop, portable, or outdoor electric grill.

Different Ways to Keep Your Grill Clean

  • Cleaning A Countertop Electric Grill

A countertop electric grill is much more convenient than any other grill food stop. You can use it indoors in your kitchen as you like. It takes less time to heat up, and its cleaning process is straightforward. It would help to use some precautions while cleaning because it can be pretty warm. The electric grill can give you a third-degree burn.

Steps to Clean

  1. Let Grill Cool. Down

The first step to keep your countertop electric grill clean is to unplug and cool it down. It is necessary because a heated-up electric grill can give you burns. Furthermore, once your electric grill is nice and cold, it should be easy to clean and much faster.

  • Use Rubber or Soft Material to Collect Debris

Now that you have unplugged and cooled your electric grill, you can use a soft material to collect all the debris. For instance, you can use a rubber spatula, spoon, or sponge to collect the oil, liquids, or debris from your grill.

  • Wipe With Damp Sponge

 After collecting every piece of debris, you will use a sponge and dump it in some water. Squeeze the sponge and make sure that it is damp only. When you use an excessive water-filled sponge, the water can go into your electric grill and cause electric shocks. Therefore, make sure you use a damp sponge to wipe your grill.

If your grill is quite dirty, add a little dish soap to your sponge and rub it all over the grill. This will help to speed up the process of cleaning. Later, use a simple water-damp sponge and clean your grill.

  • Remove And Wash the Drip Tray

In the next step, you will remove the drip tray from your grill, which collects all of the oils and excessive material from your grill. You can use a damp sponge to clean it if it is dirty. On the other hand, if there is a lot of oil, you can just put it under the water and clean it with mild dish wash.

  • Dry Out Everything

Ensure you clean and dry everything before restoring it to its actual position. The drying-out process will ensure that no liquid or water is passing into the electric sockets or the electric compartments of the grill.

  • Cleaning A Portable Indoor Electric Grill

The upward table electric grill is a small indoor grill. You can use it anywhere as it is much smaller in size compared to regular indoor electric grills or outdoor electric grills. In addition, cleaning an electric portable grill is much easier than any other grill.

Steps to Clean

  1. Using Precautions Before Cleaning

First of all, make sure that your portable electric drill is unplugged.

  • Use Paper Towels to Clean the Grill

To clean and portable electric grill, you do not have to cool it down completely. Ensure that the grill is slightly warm so that when you keep your lid on it, it creates steam.  The steaming process will give you the benefit of cleaning your portable electric grill much faster.

  • Add Water and Close the Lid

At this point, add a little bit of water or splash some water into your grill and cover it up with a lid. This will help to soften out any hard debris from the grill. Furthermore, all the collected oils start to float onto the water.

  • Clean The Debris

Once everything is cooled down, you will take a tissue paper and remove excessive water and oils. When you start rubbing the tissue paper over the grill, it will collect all the debris by itself so that you do not have to exert extra force to rub it out.

  • Wipe Any Moisture

 Now that everything is clean, you will remove extra moisture with new paper towels.  This will ensure that when you use your electric grill the next time, there are no watermarks or the danger of water getting into the compartments.

  • Cleaning An Outdoor Electric Grill

An outdoor electric grill is a heavy-duty grill much more significant than an indoor grill. At the same time, this grill is much heavier and holds the capacity to cook food at a much faster pace. In contrast, an electric outdoor grill requires more cleaning time than an indoor Grill.

Steps to Clean

  1. Turn Off the Grill and Let It Cool Down Slightly

Whether cleaning an outer or indoor electric grill, you always have to ensure it is not connected to an electric outlet because this can create sparks and electric shocks.

  • Remove Hard Material from Cooking Grates

Remove any hard material from the cooking grates using a steel wire brush. A steel brush will help you quickly remove the hard debris, which will be collected in their drip tray.

After that, use liquid soap and water to wash your Grill grates completely. Sometimes it becomes difficult to clean the problematic material from your grades. Therefore, you can use a trash bag and put your cooking grates in it. Add two parts of vinegar and one part of baking soda to the bag and close it. Leave it overnight. This will help to remove all of the dirt.

  • Clean the Liner or Drip tray and Lid.

Once you have cleaned the cooking grates, you will move to the liner and the lid. Every outdoor grill has a removable liner. You will remove it and wash it with mild soap and water.

 Whereas for the lid, you will use a damp sponge and rub it all over the plate. To clean it off any excessive moisture and dirt.

  • Dry Everything and Ready for Use

 As always, you will dry out everything and put it in its place. Your outdoor cooking grill will be ready for subsequent use in no time.


In conclusion, cleaning any indoor or outdoor electric grill is not difficult as long as you follow the precautions. Before starting the cleaning, make sure to unplug and cool down all of your grills. At the same time, you can use damp sponges, paper towels, a mild dishwasher, and water to clean your grills.

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